Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Black Party XXXIII - NYC - March 24, 2012

Satoshi Tomiie (10pm to 3am), Chus & Ceballos (3am to 9am), and Hector Romero (9am to 3pm) will be gracing the decks at this year's Black Party in New York City. I must say it is an interesting choice of deejays for such a gay event, and I'm actually glad The Saint At Large picked this musical talent because for some of the people it would be perhaps their first time exposed to these deejays.

I would probably had switched the time slots of Satoshi and Hector, because Satoshi can be very dark sometimes, but regardless it should be a good party. Confession of the day: I have never been to a single Black Party, and every year my friends invite me to go and always something happens that cancels my trip.  At the moment my plans for March potentially include a small trip to New York City, but I will know for sure in 2 weeks.

Advance Tickets: USD 110.00 until February 26th / USD 125.00 until March 18th / USD 140.00 week of event and at the door / USD 50.00 after 9:00am which is right at the time Hectors starts his set.  There are no VIP tickets, and who needs then in a party like this one right?

Dress Code: man, this is a heavy event, just make sure to be prepared for a big party, and if my friends are correct, have an open mind about this event because anything and everything happens.

The Saint at Large have posted some videos telling what I guess is the story of the Saint at Large, the creators of the Black Party in New York City.

Posted in 2010: "At midnight on September 20, 1980 The Saint nightclub opened in New York City's East Village. In celebration of that historic moment 30 years ago, The Saint At Large presents this multi-part series 'Stories of the Saint'."

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