Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pam Ann - Around the World Tour in Canada

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the funniest comedian I've seen in a long time is returning to Canada in the month of June 2012. I believe I've seen her 3 or 4 times, and she is fabulous. Last time I saw her was back in 2009 during a cruise in the Baltic sea, Deejay Abel actually introduced me to her and what a character. If you are in any of the touring cities make sure to get your ticket and check her out. Posting below the press release:

Pam Ann - Around the World Celebrity Air Hostess PAM ANN jet sets into Canada on her Worldwide Tour “AROUND THE WORLD”

Comedian Pam Ann returns to Canada on her worldwide tour of her brand new one-woman show, “Around the World”.
Pam Ann continues to take passengers on thrill rides at thirty thousand feet above ground in all her raucous productions.
Says the Sydney Morning Herald, “Glamorous, vicious, camp and larger than life, the bitchy yet heart-warming trolley dolly in tight candy-pink uniform, enormous hair, huge lashes and disco boots rules the skies.” So shut the F**k up, sit the F**k down, lock your seats in the upright position and prepare for the ride of your life.

What happened to the golden age of Flying? When the ladies always wore heels, donned their finest couture and had hairdos so big they could barely get on board. In those days passengers would sit in the cockpit drinking champagne with the captain enroute to LA. The only exciting thing about flying these days is the thought of maybe not being able to leave the plane alive!
Where's the glamour? Where's the fun?
It's here - PAM ANN will bring the thrill back into flying.

PAM ANN, A-list Air hostess to the stars, touches down again in Toronto. Glamorous, glitzy and wildly hilarious Pucci clad Pam has played sold-out shows on major through Europe,Canada and US. She once toured with Cher and crewed for Elton John, and even Madonna is a huge fan, describing PAM as "cruelly funny". As early as June 2012 you can take part in the unique and bizarre PAM ANN shows in Canada. Stand-up Comedy, 18+

Montreal - 14th June @ La National 20:00 pm.
Tickets available at . (514) 845 2014

Vancouver - 16th June @ Vancouver Playhouse 20:00 pm.
Tickets available at . (855) 985 5000

Toronto - 21st & 22nd June "Pride Weekend" @ Panasonic Theater 20:00 pm.
Tickets available at . (416) 872 1212

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