Saturday, May 26, 2012

EDC NYC - May 19, 2012 (Pictures)

Decided to split the posting in two, one for the VIDEOS and another for the pictures. Once again guys, this was a fun event, and obviously I cannot help to compare this event with the other big event in NYC, the Electric Zoo.  

One major thing EDC could have done different was to have an electronic panel with the information regarding which deejay was spinning where, because the original schedule was not followed, and there was no app where people could check out any last minute change. Kudos to the festival like feeling with rides all over the place, although I did not have the chance to go in any of the rides, lots of people did and they really liked going around and around.

Due to the price of the tickets, I only attended one day (never requested a media pass), and I was torned between Saturday and Sunday, finally picking Saturday as my day to go to EDC.  Loved the ambiance, tons of beautiful people, the energy, the weather oh my gosh the weather, and most importantly out of all the deejays I checked Carl Cox was for me the best.  I'm pretty sure other deejays were good as well, loved Danny Tenaglia, but Cox captivated me during his entire set.

Is it worth it? Yes mam, it was way worth it and thinking about attending EDC Las Vegas in the future.  I will return with more details and until here are some pictures of the event, and click on them if you want to see the bigger version, and don't forget to check the videos as well (different posting)

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