Saturday, May 12, 2012

Super Stereo - May 2012

Obviously two of my favourites deejays are going to be in Montreal when I'm not in town, but not to worry, I shall be seeing in at least one of them at the Electric Daisy Carnival next weekend.

 Richie Hawtin, a delicious mix of goodness and musical talent that always leave you with a fresh feeling in your soul, a deejay capable of taking you on a trip, even if sometimes is a short one, that you will always remember.

It is going to be hard to decide which day to go, but due to the fact it is a long weekend in Canada, why not treaty yourself with a back to back eh?
Danny Tenaglia, a veteran in the scene that always push everyone to accomplish something fantastic, to be yourself.  Lessons we should always take with us everywhere, because if you are not yourself, who are you then?

Tenaglia has been showing lots of love towards Canada lately therefore we should expect a grandiose evening of adventure and musical passion.

Are you ready to the Super Stereo weekend?

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