Saturday, June 22, 2013

Patius Unplugged - Chapter 1

Where do I begin? I don’t know and I have no idea why I decided to write this story. Actually I know why I want to write. I feel inspired again, it is not like I have found my muse again, it feels right. No long ago I chose to share with people about the social gatherings occurring in my head, and I was surprised to find out there were many people interested in hearing what I had to say. Not long ago I decided to write under the alias Patius, and the pseudonym came to me in a not very romantic fashion. I picked this alias because when I was registering to a public forum my actual nick name was already taken, and in front of me I had a picture of a duck (Pato in Spanish), and I thought “Pato in Latin would be Patius?”

Patius Unplugged, it sounds like a former TV show that you would find on MTV, the only difference is I probably would never know how many people will read it, or if it will make a difference in someone’s life, and this is the beauty of the internet you touch without knowing, and you are touched without even asking.

If you have read the Patius blog before, you might have noticed the little description that warns you my obsessions are my love for dancing, traveling and writing, and that I’m eager to share those experiences with you.

I remember when as a child back in Brazil, I was outside doing something and the radio was playing a Donna Summer’ song, and I felt so free and incredibly energized by the music, I remember dancing like no one was watching, until I turned around and saw my dad walking back into the house with a big smile in his face. My dad saw me and I felt embarrassed as if I had been doing something wrong, but I was only dancing.

Due to the circumstances, some might find it fortunate others not so much, I moved a lot while growing up. Different countries, cities, and neighbourhoods, I learned to adapt, well if I think about it I really didn’t have to learn, it just happened, like dancing to this glorious music that you just feel inside of your soul, and somehow you are aware the moves are just right.

During the next couple of weeks, I will try to unplug Patius, by giving you a summarized long story of what this character has been up to until now.

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