Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rafael Calvente @ Unity - October 4, 2008

short review because I've been super busy, and in a few words let me tell you this was a good party, not great but good. It was interesting to see the demographics of the place, there were many people that usually do not come to Unity, which means sexy Rafael Calvente really grabbed the attention of a lot of people during his last performance in the city.

Usually Unity feels young on Saturday night -not as young as on Friday night- and this time it felt right, with a good mix of ages. I did not arrive early because there was a house party to go to, and this would explain why I had to wait in line for a bit. Once inside Rafael was already spinning and going nuts with his dark tribal tunes.

It was a tribal night, but perhaps too dark for my taste, but again remember I was not there from the beginning, so not sure what kind of warm up Malick did. Rafael looked like he really enjoyed his gig at Unity, and people really enjoyed dancing as well, dance floor was busy during the whole time I was there, and there were two very sexy go-go boys.

Once again, I liked the evening but perhaps I was expecting for a more happier tunes type of night (super personal view, which I'm pretty sure is not shared by lots of people). He played lots of vocals, some old, some new, and kept himself mostly in the dark sexy spectrum of house music.

Looking forward Rafael's next stop in Montreal, and who knows, maybe it would be interesting to see him playing to the Parking crowd, what do you think?

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Lindinalva Zborowska said...

dark side of the tribal eu já enjoei fio!! nunca ouvi o menino tocando, mas torcia pra ser um som mais pra cima. Um beijo e me liga fio.
ps. tira esse word verification que é um saco!!!