Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend 22 - 2009

There you go boys and girls, it is weekend # 22 and I'm busy like hell. I have a bunch of people coming over my place today. We are celebrating the 11 years reunion of the Quebec Exchange Program - yes, 11 years ago I was the Group Leader of the Quebec Exchange Program in Manitoba (work exchange program), and I won't even start telling you how much fun that was (lots of work).

I hope everyone enjoy their weekend, and if I have the chance I will try to check Ricardo Villalobos on Sunday. By the way, I just finished round 2 of the P90X workout, and on Monday I will start round 3. To celebrate here is a picture of me eating cake .. I know, usually I don't post pictures of myself but I wanted to wish you a great weekend and this is the first thing I found.

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