Monday, May 03, 2010

DJ Theresa @ Parking - May 1, 2010

Guys, where did this girl come from? First time I heard about her was when I saw the Parking flyer for her party, and then I started researching about her work and I liked the energy that I was able to find. One of my best friends is also from Columbia, and they share the same last name, and now I must add they also share the energy, and in Theresa’s case it feels like there is no end of it.

Theresa probably arrived a bit after 12:30am, and I was actually getting worried that she wasn’t going to show up, but she did and started to play right away (didn’t take long to get set up), and not sure what was going on with the sound system, because the quality of sound was not that great when she started. Probably a small glitch or something, but nothing that did not get fixed right away.

How do I describe Theresa sound? Imagine the top 40 since Olivia Newton John with her hit “Physical“, to Lady Gaga latest hit “Telephone”, and on top of that you add the Theresa twist, which is this delicious mix of tribal progressive energetic Latin deep house sound, and let me tell you, this blend a very dangerous formula for a great party.

Yes, the music is mostly the commercial type - but not exclusively commercial - and if was another DJ I would probably say no thank you, but Theresa made those tunes her own, rearranging them in a way that we could recognize the song and transforming them in something totally new, and with that she owned the dance floor from beginning to end. Theresa’s energy lifted the dance floor in a magical fashion, and actually it felt as if she was telling us a magical story with a nice beginning and a happy ending, and don’t forget to add the bongs she kept on playing all night long, which added the originality to her style.

Parking was boiling with energy, and the dance floor did not stop one minute, and I must say I did not stop smiling, and whatever she was eradiating was highly contagious because it probably reached everyone in the neighbourhood.

Just one more thing, I would strongly recommend the Divers/Cité to book Theresa for their famous T-Dance during Pride in Montreal (I can’t remember anymore if it is Pride or we call it something else now), because I can only imagine adding Theresa’s energy to the crowd during either the Sunset Party or la Grande Danse, it would be like a wildfire in a very dry forest.


Pierre said...

Great review! Her energy was AMAZING and the way she mixed was like she made every song original and exciting! I would love to see her at the Diverscite outdoor T Dance!

Michael said...


Patius said...

I know eh? I totally endorse her for the big T-Dance, I should start talking to some people :-)