Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sydney Blu & Danny Torrence - Climaxxx @ Stereo - January 12, 2008

I'm so glad I went to this party because Danny Torrence just blew my mind away - the transition from Sydney to Danny was just okay, I've seen him done better entrances, but the rest of the night was full of different and incredible sets, and each one very refreshing.

Several song I haven’t heard before and I liked them, oh my gosh, I'm still smiling. Sydney Blu was okay, just not sure if it was the perfect fit as the openning act for Danny Torrence. Danny started slow, but quickly moved into known and characteristic party mood. He actually took over the decks around 4:30am, and I really started to feel it by 5:30am.

He was just incredible, and he was playing the perfect song at the perfect moment, even the minimal tunes he gave us were perfectly timed to how I was feeling.

The crowd was straighter at the beginning and gayer at the end, which is kind of interesting. I also enjoyed the view of two straight beautiful guys making up with a girl - not sure if it was sensual beacause there were two straight guys and one girl, or because both guys were good looking and they were also touching each other while kissing the girl.

I only lasted until 11:00am or so, and really wanted to stay longer, but that would had been just torture because I like to dance to the music. Once again, another great party by Danny, and happy birthday buddy.

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