Monday, August 24, 2009

Stereo - Reopening - Labour Long Weekend

I remember the last time Stereo got raided by the Montreal police, David Morales was spinning and they kick everyone out of the building - I remember feeling depressed because I didn't know what was going to happen to my beloved second home.

Then I remember when I was told Stereo was in flames, couldn't believe this was happening - how could someone do this to the place I love? Ana Paula was supposed to play at Stereo for her first time at Pride, scheduled almost a month after this incident, I still had hopes the place was going to be up and running by then.

Everyone knows what happened afterwards, rumours after rumours of what was happening, when it was reopening, and that perhaps we would never see the giant disco ball again.

On September 3, Stereo will reopen its doors, and everyone probably is thinking "will it be the same as it was before?". The chances are Stereo won't be the same thing, and it can't be because that would mean that everything stays the same. We change, places change and the clientele will most likely change.

For the longest time most of Stereoheads waited patiently for news about their second home, and we never got them, and when we finally heard about it, it was a vague memo, and as I wrote before, probably too little too late.

I love Stereo, and many of my most incredible evenings of dancing have occurred at the Temple of House Music. I have travelled to many places, and I still haven't found a place where I feel as I used to fell after walking those magic staircases, that took me under the giant disco ball.

After waiting for so long, Stereo will finally reopen, and I'm happy about it, because if the new Stereo is able to make people feel like I did in the past, then they are going to have such a great time, and the word will continue to spread around the world, people will continue to talk about this club in Montreal that make people feel like no other place can.

You will for sure read reviews about my evenings of dancing at the Temple of House Music, and I promise I will try not to compare the new Stereo with the old one, but please forgive me if I do. Not sure about their new Saturday concept of not advertising who the headliner of the night will be - rumours have already began: "David Morales?" - "No, he is in Ibiza" "what about Chus & Ceballos?" You get the point, now it will be guessing after guessing, and only time will tell us if this new formula will work for the new Stereo.

The question now is, are you going to the new Stereo in its reopening weekend? or are you going to wait until the new Stereoheads take possession of the place?


Anonymous said...

I waited to long to buy tickets to Saturday night. They are no longer available online.

Lindinalva Zborowska said...

looking forward to hear something about the new stereo, the place I called my second home for 5 years.

Anonymous said...

I was going to go on saturday (opening weekend) until I found out it was a mystery DJ. Now, that might work for someone who goes there regardless of the DJ to pickup or do drugs but not for someone musically picky like me. Will the club be empty ? No way!! People waited too long to get their Stereo back, so it will be packed. Will it pe packed on a saturday in let's say 3 months ? I doubt it. By then the novelty will have worn off and people won't pay the big bucks to listen to a DJ they might not like. Also, if you were an A-list DJ would you want to play in a club with no publicity whatsoever ?
If they really want to stick with that formula, a better way to do it would be to do presales with no DJ announced and then do the announcement a few days before.
For now, I'll stick with the nights that the DJ is annnounced