Monday, March 24, 2014

Bogota and Lima, March 2014

Work sent me to Bogota and Lima this past week. Although it was a doctor's type of trip I did get out and walked around a bit.  Loved the Botero museum in the old part of Bogota, and the catacombs in Lima were creepy and interesting at the same time.  Imagine, where the catacombs are located is the safest part of the church when seismic activity occurs.

Be careful when taking taxis at the airport of Bogota, go always for the yellow ones and not with the drivers that are waiting for you just outside the door, and get some cash before leaving the airport, taxis won't accept credit cards, or give receipts as a matter of fact.  Actually, while in Bogota and Lima I used the Easy Taxi app, it worked very well unless you were requesting taxis during the rush hour, then is everyone for themselves.

Lima has the best ceviche period, and are you going to believe me I never made it to Miraflores?  Then again it's not like I was there to enjoy myself, I was working boys and girls.

I'll leave you now with this pictures I took from the 19th floor of my hotel room, facing the Palacio de  justicia, and I promise to post more pictures afterwards for both Bogota and Lima.

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