Monday, February 19, 2007

Erik El & Bruno Brown & Eric Entrena @ Circus - Feb 17, 2007

Disclaimer: this is how I spent my Saturday / Sunday

My arrival to Circus was probably timed so I could witness a minor verbal incident while waiting for the guest list person to come out. It sounded like this girl was fighting for the right to blow the smoke in the face of a guy that was standing right beside her.

The guest list process was a little bit different compared to other locations - some names were checked against the actual list, while others just had to say something in order to get their tickets. Didn't have any problem, and in no time I was walking thru the metal detector right after you walk the first door. At this point I got to see some local celebrities walking thru, and while I was waiting to be searched by security, which happens before you can hand in your ticket, I saw someone getting literally kicked out of the club. Sexy man the one that did it by the way.

Probably it was almost 3:00 am, when I was finally walking up the stairs that take you to the main room. It felt like I was walking thru a small labyrinth, and when I finally arrive to the top, the first thing I noticed was the shining hard wood floor of the place.

Keep walking and to my left you could the YO YO Room (Hip Hop), then to the right there was a small bright area, which afterwards I found out it was the entrance to the toilets, and also a mechanic massage area, having two moving chairs and a girl with a vibrating glove. Immediately to my left and there was another bar, and to the end of the hall there was another massage area, the conventional type this time around.

Finally you see the DJ booth located at the end of the room, and right in front of it the main dance floor. Interesting set up, the main room is surrounded by mini-walls and stages, having a disco ball hanging right in the middle of the low ceiling. Behind those mini-walls are comfortable sofas to chill out, and more bar areas in both sides of the dance floor.

Further to the left of the main room, there is another big dark smoky room, full of sofas and chill-out beds, and you will notice a lot of smoke coming from this region. In other words, the place is big; the set up of the place is interesting because if not that many people show up, the mini-walls everywhere would definitely help to hide the emptiness of the room if it were to happen.

Initially I was in the impression this was going to be the Red Party held every year by the BBCM. If this was true, I would had expected a stronger presence from this organization, in the decor of the place, or with small shows during the evening. Later on I was corrected, and the party was called "Tribal Love", and was hosted by Indamix together with the BBCM. Whoever came out will tell you, in reality the night was for the people and the DJs, because of love of the House Music and dancing.

I was probably walking around when DJ Erik El was spinning, because I don't remember seem him up in the DJ booth. I did noticed the volume of the music was low when I arrived, and it caused an echo in the back of the room - this echo disappeared once the volume was turned up. Obviously I was wrong about who was spinning up there, because I was informed that whoever I though was Bruno Brown, was actually Erik El.

Sexy and deep with tribal tunes, is how I can summarize Erik El. I was actually there to dance to the sounds of Eric Entrena, and El was able to take the carpet off my feet, but instead of falling, he made me move with a sexual energy that was intimate. Don't know how to explain, but the DJ has presence, and when you look at him it feels like he is watching you and watching only you. Probably he doesn't even know you exist, and most likely he is paying attention to all the tools he has to work with during the evening, but El with his music makes you feel like you are the most important person in the dance floor.

The dance floor was full by 4:00 am, mostly a straight crowd, with some T-shirtless boys here and there. Good looking girls showing a lot of skin, some of which I still don't know how they are able to dance in those giant red high hills. Nice hard body boys, showing the top edges of their underwear. The place was in full swing, with an increasing positive vibe by this time, divided in different spots around the room.

I'm guessing it was between 5:00 and 5:30 am when Eric Entrena took over the evening. "...One two three four..." and Tribal Love came down the dance floor. I was actually sad to see Erik El move over, but happy because I was finally checking the work of Entrena. Have heard a lot about his parties, and I'm so glad I came out for this one.

Talk about being energetic - this guy didn't stop moving and motivating the crowd for a second. You can feel the Iberian Tribal feeling of his music, and I also felt the strong presence of the Latin-Afro-Brazilian "tambores". He flirted with everything in the House Music spectrum - not much vocals - and he even gave us strong touch of the tribal proggy industrial tunes. I'm not totally into proggy yet, and if one day I were to finally cave in, it will be because of that type of proggy.

Due to the set up of the room, it feels as if the energy of the people is not unified, but gracefully divided in several pockets of positive vibration. I wonder how would if feel if the main event had been held in the YO YO room, which has no mini walls separating the energy of the people dancing around.

Talking about the Hip Hop room, I briefly visited the area, and by the time I left, I was probably moving my hands with the YO YO motion, and walking a little bit different. It was interesting to check it out, some of the moves reminded me of Break Dancing from the 80's - I was a teenager.

I went back to the main room, and Entrena was killing everyone with his Iberian orgy - he would move left and right, and hands in the air, and the crowd followed his energy. He delivery a dark happy set, and by the time 8:00 am came, I had no more energy left. Sat down for a bit, and got to see some great moves from some dancers, but once I'm no longer able to dance, the party is over for me. Someone mentioned that Bruno Brown started at 7:45 am, so I guess I was present at the beginning of his set, but due to the fact I was tired, I'm unable to give you a review of the third and final part of the party.

Good experience at Circus, very beautiful place, and I had an interesting beginning of the evening. Some familiar faces, didn't enjoy the smoking freedom of the place, but loved the music. I was scared the crowd was going to be super young, but instead it was very diverse age wise. Don't know how this party compares to a normal Circus night, what I can say is I had a great time.

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