Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Adam Freemer & Danny Torrence @ Stereo - March 3, 2007

Compact review again people, but will return with more info if I get the chance.

Due to a previous engagement, I was only able to arrive at Stereo at around 5:30am. Danny Torrence had already began his set, so I have no idea how Adam Freemer sounded.

Confession of the day: I had downloaded one of Freemer's sets, and although the description of his style was "Each Adam's set is unique, energetic and infused with his own eclectic mix of tribal, vocal, techno and trance flavoured house" - after listening to the set, I was inclined to believe the night was going to orbit more towards the electro and proggy style. Not a big deal unless you really enjoy the beautiful voices accessorized by the incredible tunes of the house music, or is it the tunes that are accessorized by the voices?

Forgive me lovers of the other side of house, but I'm going to confess one thing: I was left in total nirvana by the vocal house madness created by Danny. Track after track of good, upbeat music, it made me sweat like I had just finished a 40 km marathon.

It was just incredible, and the first thing I did when I saw Torrence on the dance floor was to show him my two thumbs up gesture, and I almost borrowed other people's thumbs to show him my appreciation for the evening. Nevertheless it is certain the Torrence knows how much people enjoyed the night, almost no one could stop dancing!

I like the way he maneuvered the dancers into dancing without exhausting themselves. The set would become crazy with so much energy, then the vibrant tunes were brought down a notch, enough to give us some time to catch up with our breath. Fine, I'm exaggerating, but it is true, his set was timed perfectly to peak several times during the evening, and slowing them down when needed.

I'm not a sound specialist, but was it my impression or did I hear - for a second or so - some kind of technical issues with one of the speakers in the room? In the same topic, I might have spotted once a no so perfect mix between two records. Again, if this happened, it is forgiven because the quality of music I experienced during my hours dancing at Stereo, was just so superb and unforgettable.

I wish I could give you a list of the songs I heard during the evening, but I'm so bad at it, I just know it was a combination of good, old, fresh, new and evil. A perfect combination for a friendly, energetic and beautiful crowd. I know I mentioned the fact it was a vocal powerhouse kind of evening. I should also mention Danny Torrence didn't play just music with vocals, it was tilted towards the vocal side of the business, but he touched the whole spectrum of the sounds. There were several new tunes I haven't heard at all, and now I want to hear more - and I can only speak for the short period of time I was in the building - stayed until 9:15 am. I don't want to imagine what I missed with the rest of the night.

Great crowd, with so many familiar faces, good dancers, balanced mix of men, women and everything else in between. I haven't paid too much attention to the light show lately, but there was something different this time around, and it was a good kind of different - it grabbed my attention - and I don't think I'm saying that because I was wearing sun glasses, funny how many people didn't recognize me because of them.

I had the chance to temporarily watch Torrence work the room, from the bar located beside the DJ booth - great vibe coming from him, while he does his magic. Then you look at the dance floor and just observe how the dance floor is responding, and then you understand how a magic party comes alive.

My last confession of the day, out of all the Climaxxx parties I've been to, this one probably was the best, even if I spent the least time of all. Finally, I was ready to leave the building, when I heard this super happy song coming from the speakers downstairs, didn't stay only because my will is strong and I really had to go - you are evil Danny, and I love it.

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