Saturday, February 01, 2014

São Paulo, Rio and Fortaleza - Jan 2014

Work took me to Brazil again, usually I always end up in São Paulo, fortunately this time I also travelled to the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza. The weather was just perfect specially since it meant leaving the cold Canadian weather behind.

Although it was for work, I always find sometime to enjoy myself, and you have to, otherwise you would go insane if life was only about work right?

São Paulo is a great city to work and to go out at night time.  First time ever I've eaten Amazonian ants in my life, and they were really tasty, and for my fellow travelers GRU (airport) is going under some expansion and they hope to have the new terminal ready for the World Cup - we can only hope right?

Rio de Janeiro is just a beautiful city with good looking people, and an intoxicating vibe that will make you want to exercise your body in one way or another.  Another first for me, while flying back to Sao Paulo from Rio, the rain was really coming down strong and my plane had to abort landing at the last second, it was a crazy feeling having those turbines working extra hard to get that heavy baby up in the air again.

Finally, Fortaleza is a city located in the very north part of the country with a very boring weather, 30C all year around.  I must say there is something special about Fortaleza, an interesting mix of people. Second time in this city and I'm really enjoying it. Just one thing, Taxi companies of Fortaleza please get your Point of Sales machine so we can pay your fare with a credit card.

Now I leave you with some pictures from those 3 Brazilian cities

Sao Paulo:

Rio de Janeiro: 


and this is the last picture; me waiting for my flight back to Canada in GRU, I just love watching those B747.

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