Sunday, April 06, 2014

Pictures of Bogota and Lima - March 2014

as promised on my Lima and Bogota posting a couple of days ago, below you will find more pictures of Bogota and Lima.  I only had one day to explore Bogota, and I wish I had more time because the city seems fascinating, and there are so many places to visit. Loved the Botero museum, a must if in the city, and the best is there are so many other things to see after you finish with Botero.

You will see more pictures from Lima and this is because I spend an entire Saturday in this fabulous city, again I wish I had more time but nevertheless I got to walk al lot and enjoyed all the placed I visited.  The best ceviche I've tried until now boys and girls, so if you are into seafood make sure to hit Lima in your next trip alright?

Bogota, Colombia:

Lima, Peru:

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