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Cape Town - Second Impression - March 5, 2006

First I have to say my body is totally adjusted to the Sydney (Australia) time zone, problem is I'm in Cape Town (South Africa). It is almost 8am and I still haven't got "home". I believe today is Sunday, so it is a good thing that I don't even know what day is today, because it means I'm fully enjoying myself.

I've been a couple of days in this city, and now I believe what some locals told me, this doesn't look like Africa. It doesn't feel like it either, so if you were to visit this city, hoping to find some nice local South African way of life, I think you would be disappointed. Now, if you came here looking for nothing, like myself, then you are in heaven.

Last Wednesday, I decided to join the boys on a winery tour around the West Cape area. Oh man, when Stefan (the tour guy) told us, after have driven for 30 min, that we were going to have breakfast (10am), I truly believed him. Our breakfast was a glass of 7 different types of Red, White and Rosé wines. Let me tell you, we had already began the tour very friendly, and now add alcohol to it, and you are setting up a party in the mini van.

Besides wine, we tasted Champagne, Brandy and more wine, and as expected, at the end of the day, everyone was each other best friend. I think the Irish girl did not enjoy very much my honesty when I told her I didn't believe in monogamy, and the Brit one, kind of understood me when I told her, my mother always told me not to talk to strangers, and now I just sleep with them.

If you were to come to this region, you must do a winery tour, it is super interesting road trip, plus the drinking, but specially because the view of the area is just breathtaking. Somehow we managed to have a full set of wine glasses in our mini van. No, they were not given by the tour company, we just forgot to leave them behind in each stop of the tour.

I love blond guys, and it is funny how I came all the way to Africa, to find myself in heaven with so many blond guys I have met so far. Do not forget the Germans, Brits, Australians, and French - somehow I always manage to meet them, but specially the Capetonians, oh my gosh - love the taste of the local meat more than the imported one.

Evening is a fantastic time in Cape Town, their national sport is bar hopping. People start partying in one bar, then they move to the next, and on and on. In one evening, you probably have done 5 different types of music. Most of the places are small venues, perfect just to drop in, and then take off to the next happening place. Sometimes you are surrounded by tons of people, and next thing you know, it's empty. Other places never get empty, they just recycle people on a faster and non noticeable manner.

I knew Cape Town was not a so dangerous place as the other major city in this country, but who would guess I would be walking home at 5 o'clock in the morning, and feeling as safe as in Montreal? I'm sure there are dangerous areas, but I have been able to find myself in an okay area. Cape Town has done some very interesting things to improve the security of the city. They have hired street people to work as security in the streets. They wear these neon vests, and they take care of the parked cars around the city. I know the locals don't agree with me, but I have to say I kind of feel safe walking around and seeing all these people, wearing those jackets, that remind you security. At the same time, if you need to buy some special "delicacy", you just have to ask them, and promptly you will have it delivered in your hands.

There are kids begging for money, and they are kind of persistent, but again, we have adults begging in Montreal as well. The streets are very clean and you see those blue baskets hanging in light pools everywhere, and I know I'm repeating myself here, but it is incredible how music is a big part of the life of these people.

Yesterday, instead of joining the boys on a tour to the Cape of Good Hope, I decided to stay in town, and hit the beach. You have to understand, the weather was super nice when I arrived here, then it became cloudy and chilly. It stayed like that for another two days, and finally on Friday, the sun came out again. Would I take a chance and leave town to see a place where the Atlantic and the Indian ocean meet? No way, beach was imprinted in my mind. Remember, I came here to do nothing, instead of going on a tour, I decided to hit the beach, the Clifton beach number three, which is the gay one.

I told the people at the hostel I was going to walk to the beach, they kind of suggested me to take a cab instead. I walked, and I'm glad I did it, it took me more or less one hour to get there, but the view I got to see was spectacular. One of the big mountains is called the Lion's head, and part of it is closed now because a stupid tourist thru a cigarette in the bushes, and set the whole thing on fire. The base of the Lion's head burned for two days. Eventually I'm going to walk up there, but not yesterday, beach was my destiny and my mission.

Spent the whole day at the beach, and thanks God the boys wear Speedos. Nothing against the straight North American Beach wear of baggy pants, but there is nothing like looking at the men in nice Speedos. Actually, the beach wear in Cape Town, is very similar to the one in Brazil, same style of "sungas". At the beach I met up with someone I had met the night before, and it was cool, because I got introduced to more people. Some of whom I saw last night, in much less attires than what we were wearing at the beach.

Around 6pm I decided it was time to go back home. First thing was to find a taxi to get back, but as more I walked on the water front, the more I just forgot about the taxi. The water front area of the city is totally different to the other side of the city, which is separated by a big mountain. Beautiful houses, great view of the ocean, nice good looking people jogging around, and I still can get used to the right hand side driving thing of the Capetonians. I guess the Brits/Australians feel right at home when driving here.

I ended up walking home, besides the fact I never know which one is a taxi or mini bus, it was a cool idea to see the city just walking around. It took me almost two hours to get home, but I'm sure I got to see much more than people that actually live here and drive around everywhere.

Finally last night, oh yeah, it was Saturday, I decided I had to continue with my partying. Ended up in another gay bar in the Village (the village is around 2 or 3 blocks long). The music was okay, but the go go dancers were just yummy. There were lost of boys and girls, and some "interesting" dancing - the DJ would star playing something, and then she would join her friends in the dance floor. The bartenders were just too hot to describe here - perfect everything. Just one thing, I still haven't figured out in the whole-cruising-in-Cape-Town-thing. It is easy to talk to these people, very friendly, but then there is this next thing that I haven't been able to capture yet.

Anyway, I ended up in this incredible Sauna, where everyone goes, anyway, after partying. Loved the place, and the sun deck this place has is out of the world. The sun deck is not that great, what makes it specially is the view of Table Mountain, and I guess the building in the surrounded area, also get a nice view of the sun deck when the sun comes up. Made more new friends at this places, some of then which I have to see later on, and got the insides in all the gossip of the boys in town. I already know who has chest implants, who is sleeping with the Doctor, and who is cheating on the husbands.

Guys, I have to hit my bed now.

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David Davies said...

Hi Patius

One of your pics from Clifton Beach showing a guy taning is identical to me. Do you know who the guy is?

It´s a bit scary seeing someone that looks just like me.

Pls mail me.